Sunday, July 26, 2015

Such is life

You know the saying- It's never too late? Well, sometimes, when it's too late, it's too late. No use crying over spilt milk.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Pergh, bapak lama tak update this blog. Been pretty bz wif stuff I guess. Both my grammies have passed away. Now I'm grandparents-less. Tinggal Tok Mat kat kemamang sebagai pengganti.

Kalau nak summarize everything that's happened in the past 2 years memang tak dapek la. Family alhamdulillah sihat, cousins ramai yg dah kawin n dapat anak. Bestie got hitched n skrg memboyot kaw. Another bestie getting hitched in august.

Cite pasal kawin, apesal mcm takde cite2 nak kawin eh? Ada jumpe potensi tp aduh, peminats dia kalah artis pulak. Aunty2 jiran dok promote anak bujang tp THAT ship has sailed looooong ago.   Malaslah pikir. Nanti ada seruan, in shaa Allah la Allah swt pertemukan, dekatkan dan permudahkan jodoh, amin.

Sekarang ni mmg la jeles tgk kawan2 ada anak. Tapi ada ultraman gaya, tiga dgn kosmos ni pun bolehlah. Oh, how my nephews have growwwwwnnnn. Amirul is in form 1, Kamal is in standard 5 and Raif dah darjah 1. Amirul paling manja dgn kitorg sbb dia yg selalu dpt greenlight nak lepax dgn tifah n tiwa.

Speaking of which, me, kiks n mirul have a thingy we share. It's actually something we look forward to sbb dpt hang out just us 3 atau hari tu our eldest bro (mirul's dad) join sekali. It's a freemarket where people give n take things for free. Serious, tak tipu. Boleh baca kat page diorg in fb Freemarket. Me n kiks suka jadi contributors sbb we get to give away our clothes n accessories to people who would appreciate it more. Mirul suka sbb dia bole dpt things for free, huahahahaha. Dah 2 kali we participated in this event. 1st was in feb, 2nd was last sunday. Pix mmg la takde mase nak amik, sorry, hehehe.

Nowadays I like doing things like this. I get to know many organisations yg do charity work such as Pertiwi soup kitchen, Need to Feed the need (NFN), Kindness and many more. And I help where I can, in shaa Allah. In shaa Allah bile betambah rezeki, I tambah juga usaha I nak tolong orang lain, ameen.

If/when I get married and if/when I get kids of my own, I'd like to teach them the joy of giving back to others from a young age, in shaa Allah. Hopefully the cycle will continue sampai akhirat, ameen. Nanti when I'm in seoul or adelaide, I'd like to take this wif me, in shaa Allah, ameen. Ntah kat sana dah ada ke belum eh? Heheh. Oh well...

Anyway, I can't promise I'll update my blog often from now on sbb skrg raif has got me hooked on Dragon City, huahahahha. Tifah takde anak, so bela dragon je lah, huahahaha (suddenly i feel depressed) LOL. Tengoklah, esok lusa, setahun dua lagi ke, u'll hear from me again... kot... Hahahaha.

* Oh, to tengku, i miss u everytime i see kylie kwong on tlc
* No, i haven't made any move on him sbb he's way out of my league
* Yes, i do plan to do some damage in MIHAS this year
* Yes, Dragon City is awh sem
* No, nothing you say will make me learn how to flirt
* Yes, i have given up on being a csi
* Yes, i will always love Running Man

Monday, August 27, 2012

U ask me what type of guy I look for

I'm looking for a GB3 myself- Gentleman yg Beriman, Bertaqwa dan Bertanggungjawab